Types of Knives

A well-stocked kitchen includes several knives of various sizes and for different uses. Different knives perform differently than the next. It is for this reason that you need so many different knives. Are you aware of the types of knives that you can buy? There are many different types of knives and sharpeners that you can purchase, but it is best that you better acquaint yourself before you buy.

Types of knives and sharpeners

Take a look at some of the different kind of knives you will probably want to add to your kitchen.

–    Santoku Knife: The Santoku knife has a thin blade and a semi-straight edge. It is indented, which helps starchy food items from sticking to the blade as you slice.

–    Chef’s Knife: A Chef’s knife, sometimes known as a cooks’ knife, is the one kitchen knife that you must have. This knife is capable of handling just about any cutting needs that you might have, and it offers an array of qualities as well.

–    Serrated Knives: Most used for slicing bread, the serrated knife still has multiple other uses. With a blade of about 10 inches, the knife is easy to use and cut some of the foods that aren’t so easy to cut. Think watermelon, for example.

–    Paring Knife: A paring knife is best for peeling fruits or for cutting small items. This knife is smaller than the other types of knives, with the average length between 2.5 and 4 inches long.

–    Steak Knife: Another multi-purpose knife, the steak knife is one of the beset for cutting meats. The knives can also be used for many other purposes like a charm.

When purchasing your knife or knives, consider a knife set. These sets contain all of the essential knives and then some, reducing headache and hassle while providing you with the knives that you need. Before purchasing a top quality knife for your kitchen, don’t forget to read the kitchen knife reviews written by experts.